Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why I Choose to Dress Modestly

With the weather warming up down here in Southeast Georgia, immodest clothing is starting to come out from the shadows. I go out, and I’m saddened and shocked by what I see some girls wearing. Sometimes I wonder what they’re thinking and why they think dressing in that way is a good idea.

To me, dressing immodestly is non-sensical. So, here’s my top five reasons of why I choose to dress modestly.

5. It is more comfortable. The funny thing is, when I see girls and women dressing immodestly, it confuses me. You watch them for a little while and they’re squirming, constantly pulling and tugging and adjusting their clothing. It’s rather amusing because the tugging and pulling really doesn’t make much of a difference in how much is exposed. It also looks as if their bodies are being strangled most of the time. That can’t be comfortable. It seems silly to torture yourself by choice in this way.

4. It decreases your chances of having embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. I will sometimes get on a news site and they’re all going on in a tizzy over a wardrobe malfunction from a celebrity at an event. Then, when you view the photos of the outfit, what’s the one thing the vast majority of them have in common? They were all immodest. When things hang open, or stretch too much in some places, you shouldn’t be shocked if you suddenly find yourself displaying even more than what you originally intended.

3. It’s empowering. Contrary to popular belief, dressing modestly is more empowering than the opposite way of dressing. It’s empowering because by dressing modestly, you have much more control over how others think about and perceive you. Dressing modestly also displays that you demand respect from guys in a humble way. You don’t need to constantly get angry at them or verbally demand their respect. When interacting with guys, it helps them have more focus on you and what you’re saying rather than your body. If you don’t want them to touch it or look at it, don’t show it.

2. It shows others what you believe and stand for. If you see a girl dressing immodestly, what’s your first thought? It’s definitely not, “Oh, she must be a Christian.” If a person you know is completely shocked to find out that you’re a Christian, that’s a problem. Don’t let the way you dress inhibit others seeing God inside of you.

And most importantly….

1. God commands it. With any command God gives us, I believe that there is a completely logical explanation for it, as I explained above. He loves us and wants us to have the best lives here as possible before we go to heaven. We need to trust Him and know that by doing the things He wants us to do, it’s going to make our lives exponentially better. Dressing modestly is no exception. If you want someone to see you a certain way, then dress like it.

Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

God always knows better than we do-don’t let that belief slide in the way you dress.