Monday, November 21, 2011


All throughout elementary school, I had to deal with bullies. They made fun of me for different reasons. I am socially awkward , so, I would get picked on for that. I would get picked on for my weight. For someone so young, it made a huge impact on me.

The bullying slowed down when I entered middle school and high school. I think it was because I became more reserved and decided to close my mouth in a lot of social situations. Though, every once in a while someone would say something careless and rude. It wasn’t as bad as what happened when I was younger.

In high school, my senior year, I met this girl. She was in special Ed like me, yet her problems were more severe than mine. I befriended her, and helped lead her to Christ. She was bullied relentlessly by others in the school for many things that were beyond her control. I did what I could to help and shield her from other people when I could. It really upset me because I didn’t have every class with her, and I didn’t always know what would happen to her.

She had it tough. She was pushed around by the other students (as well as a teacher or two). Yet, one day, I said, “It must be hard for you to deal with everyone. It must really hurt.” You know what she said? She said something like this: “It does. But, I forgive all of them. They don’t know me, and I’ve got better things to worry about.”

I was impressed by her take on the situation, to say the least. She was doing exactly as she was supposed to do: she forgave her enemies, and moved on.

If you’re being bullied, it’ll be okay. Keep fighting for help, and continue to be kind to others. You’ll get through it. To the bullies: God calls us to be kind to others. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing or have done to us. It doesn’t matter what their involved in-sin or not-we have no right to try to gossip or speak horrible things about them. As Christians, we need to help and lend our voices to those being stepped upon, and hurt by others.

The Christian’s love is ultimately what will lead others to Christ. That’s one of the most important things that Christ taught while He was on this earth: love others as yourself! (Matt. 22:39-40)